Million Dollar Real Estate Agent from Texas to Procure FBA Home in Spain

Sarah Santiago Casa
la casa de Sarah Williams en Santiago


03-09-16 – Santiago

Yesterday marks the beginning of a new trend here in the sense that the first land barrenness from Texas, Sarah Williams, will be purchasing the largest estate ever made available in Chile.  Worth an astounding 28m$ we now understand that Sarah’s empire back in Liberty Hill, Tx is incredibly lucrative.  The home is located in the Hills of Santiago, Chile and is said to be the most beautiful of homes built by Esteban Romero Cezar the man who built the House in La Morena.

Built in the early 1980’s the house stands atop the hill of Dios De La Cruz on the southern tip of the west bank.  “I absolutely had to have the piece of property as my estate in Liberty Hill would never have such a view.”  Said Sarah in an interview with the Daily Reporter.  “The Texas plains simply don’t have what I get here, and being that I represent the majority of homes for sale in Liberty Hill then I think it’s very important I own the real estate to show those strengths as well.”

With over a billion dollars in assets, Sarah Williams Realty has been noted as the Best Real Estate Agent in Liberty Hill Tx.  What that means is that Sarah Williams Realty controls some of the largest ability to procure, sell, and trade some of the largest properties in the United States.

“As of right now I am only interested in purchasing this estate as a personal property, but in the future, as my Agency grows I imagine that we will be looking to take part in South American business ventures as well.”

The home that Sarah purchased is located on a hundred and thirty-seven acres and contains a full stable of miniature horses, a full sized petting zoo, and antiques gallery partial to the history of the region.  For more information on Sarah Williams and her purchases around the world feel free to visit her site linked above.

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